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CyberBodyShop is your superior online resource for bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and physique contest preparation; as well as total body transformations. You may be looking for a coach who can understand your body, and create something that WILL work to help you achieve your goals. Matt Allen and Wendy Fortino have a combined 25 years of experience and success in the fitness industry; with which they have mastered the art of creating customized, structured programs to help people not only achieve their goals – but WIN at competition! This website is a “one-stop-shop”, where you can choose a customizable nutrition plan, training plan, contest preparation package, and top quality presentation coaching, all at the same place! Thanks for visiting CyberBodyShop; please come back again, and come back often!

We believe that achieving a person’s dream physique is merely the “by-product” of being healthy from the inside out.  There are three key elements that must work together synergistically in order for us to be in our optimal physical state. They are: proper training, proper nutrition, and proper supplementation.  A moderate amount of attention put into all three elements will go much further than an extreme effort in only one area.

The body can be best described as a machine that needs to be worked on in order to become as efficient and effective as possible.  In other words, this means that taking the time to create synergy with your body will set it up to work FOR you, rather than against you.  

We do not subscribe to the dogma of believing in only one particular “fad” training or nutrition system.As a result, by not following the “pre-set” rules of someone else’s philosophy, we are able to think OUTSIDE of the box and problem solve.  We focus on the OPTIMAL sources of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins; adjusting the proportions according to what a person’s body needs to achieve their goals as we go.  We are able to recognize the value as well as the limitations of all styles and training systems.  

With our knowledge and many years of experience, we are able to create a unique training system that will suit your individual needs.


Cyberbodyshop Coaches



MATT ALLEN (click here for bio)

Trainer of: MMA legend/Action Hero Cung Le - Olympians: Wendy Fortino ️️IFBB Pro & Tory Woodward IFBB Pro and countless other ️️IFBB/NPC champs 



WENDY FORTINO (click here for bio)

Ifbb Professional Figure Competitor / Athlete / Fitness Model / M.S. Exercise Physiology / Online Fitness Coach / Contest Prep Coach 

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Pricing Plans and Packages

12 week transformation
Customized meal plan
Customized workout plan
Customized supplement plan
1 on 1 support
Regular check ins
Adjustments as needed
Wendy Fortino subscription
$9.99 per month
Access to Wendy's personal workout routines
Access to Wendy's personal nutrition and recipes
Wendy's photo shoot footage
Backstage and contest footage
Direct messaging
Tips from an IFBB pro
60 Day Personalized Fitness Plan
60 Day Nutrition Plan
Diet and Supplimentation Directions
Videos of workouts
Progress Tracking
Optimized for mobile
Contest Prep
Apply for Pricing
Customized meal plan
Customized workout plan
Customized supplement plan
1 on 1 support
Weekly check ins
1 on 1 presentation coaching
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